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Are you looking for a workout which burns mega calories, tones your legs and buttocks and gets you fit quick! Yes? Then step is for you.. Its choreographed to music and stepping up and down from a platform at 6 or 8 inches high will make your session a successful, fun experience!


Challenge, burn calories and change your shape with our Kettlercise. This workout is designed to sculpt your body in minimum time gaining maximum results. Enjoy the music and let the journey begin!


There is nothing better than seeing people achieve goals, lose weight, gain confidence and rehabilitate long and short term injuries. Our 30 or 45 minute group spinning classes have been designed to aid anyone between the ages of 35-75+ to increase their physical fitness.

We are not about beasting people, we focus on challenging you within your capabilities and your limitations so that you may lose the weight you require or gain the fitness level you are aiming for…

Music plays an important part in motivating a person during exercise. The music we play is recognisable to everyone who attends so that you can sing along (if you’ve got the breath to do that), cycle to the beat or answer Dave’s Pop Quiz Questions as you go along.

Barre Concept
BarreConcept is the hot, new workout spreading the globe and has just been voted one of the top fat busting workouts by OK! magazine this year. Barre Workouts are huge in America, made popular by celebrities, including Madonna, Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore and Natalie Portman. Barre combines the precision of Pilates with the technique of ballet, the alignment of yoga and the strength from sports conditioning. The combined elements of the different methods fuse to form a challenging and exciting workout, set to high energy dance music, which stretches and sculpts the muscles whilst burning fat!
Barre Pilates

Barre workouts have taken the world by storm as a fantastic low impact class to strengthen your body. Leading Teacher Training Cherry Baker and Claire Wray, Creator and Pilates Studio owner, now bring you the Barre Pilates Method, which simplifies complex ballet technique and combines it with Pilates principles to deliver a safe, effective, flowing workout for everyone, with no need of dance experience.

Barre Pilates works to a slow controlled breath to encourage fluidity and ease of movement.

Core Blimey (It’s Legs, Bums and Tums)
Good Old Fashioned Body Conditioning that targets those hard to reach areas such as: Thighs, Abdominals and the Glutes. Incorporated in this popular workout is an extensive core conditioning element. This class is designed to make you laugh (or cry), to make you sweat and to make you burn calories. People just keep coming back!
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